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Potsdam Science Park
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Fast fact
  • Office and Lab
  • Rental units
    from 300 m²
  • Total
    10,000 m²
  • Total
    10,000 m²
  • Potsdam
    Science Park

Connection to Berlin and yet in the middle of the countryside

Moderne Flächenkonzepte

iQ space Potsdam offers well-conceived rental spaces, boasting ideal working conditions


    • Rental units from 300 m² to 10,000 m²
    • Flexible partitioning into lab and office space
    • Individual layout planning
    • Tenant-specific fit-out
  • Community

    • Community spaces offering high-quality finishes and a relaxing setting
    • Ground floor with communication hubs, bistro/café, and seminar rooms
    • Lounge areas
    • Green, outdoor amenities for meetings and relaxation
  • Sharing Spaces

    • Areas for communal use by all tenants
    • Two-storey atrium
    • Bistro and café
    • Lecture and event areas covering 600 m²
    • Rooms for meetings, seminars and training
    • E-bike pool with charging station

  • Sustainability

    At iQ space Potsdam, we combine business with environmental responsibility: photovoltaic systems on our green roof produce clean, renewable energy. Our modern heating systems consisting of an ice storage and heat pump points with a nearly CO2-neutral balance.
  • E-mobility

    At iQ space Potsdam, we not only offer you state-of-the-art laboratory and office space, but also an environmentally friendly mobility offering. Our e-bike pool with charging stations, which you can also use for your private bikes, allows you to get around quickly and sustainably. Ride to meetings, explore the surrounding area or simply enjoy a relaxing ride - all without CO2 emissions. In addition, the Mobility Hub offers parking spaces and charging stations for electric cars on our neighboring property.
The reasearch setting

Cutting-edge research, education, training and innovation

Ambitious life science enterprises will find the ideal conditions for a successful future in science and business at the Potsdam Science Park.

More than 12,500 people from a wide range of fields including biotechnology, medical technology, optics, geosciences, astrophysics and gravitational physics work, study and pursue research at the largest and fastest-growing innovation hub in Brandenburg. The “Campus for the Future” pools together cutting-edge international research, excellent education and training facilities, dynamic innovation centres and highly specialised production operations.

  By car
Public tr.
Potsdam City Centre 15 min. 10 min.
Berlin Brandenburg Airport 15 min. 30 min.
Berlin Central Station (Hbf) 45 min. 30 min.
Your direct line to us

+49 40 334 683 120

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Franziska Kaiser
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